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  1. In most respects ZenMate gets good marks for ease of use, although we got off to a bad start with it. We weren’t given a password at sign in, but had to log out, log in again, request a password reset and then set a new password with an email link. The original password email we received a day later, probably after it had been stuck in Google’s spam filter for a while, not a heartening thought.

    ZenMate supports Windows 7 and later, Mac OSX 10.10 and later, iOS and Android operating systems. However, it doesn’t guarantee that it will work with beta versions of desktop OSes. As we mentioned above, ZenMate also has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and these are a useful option if you want details about your VPN connection to be available at a glance.

    It allows unlimited zenmate premium acc bandwidth and supports torrenting. We were able to get past the Netflix geoblocking in the U.S., but the screen was quite pixelated, which indicates a steep drop in the speed of our connection. We couldn’t get past the BBC iPlayer’s geoblocking at all (check out our article for services that do).

    The mobile app is pretty similar to the desktop client except you go to the app store to download it, then log in and you’re ready to go. It will ask for permission to make changes to your phone settings and will remember your choice of server if you have installed the desktop client first.

    Note that ZenMate does not offer split tunneling, a feature that is becoming the norm in the best VPN services. It allows you to choose which applications in your computer go through the VPN in case you don’t want your communication with your printer to be encrypted.

    ZenMate allows up to five simultaneous connections, meaning we would put it up in our top five of if it weren’t for its flaws. However, if you do decide to go for the ZenMate plunge, rest assured you can use it on up to five devices at any time.

    On the plus side, ZenMate is a reasonably affordable option that does get into some content, and doesn’t suffer from frequent disconnections, which is important considering that it doesn’t offer a killswitch among its features.

    It does say in its FAQs that if enough customers request a server location it will do its best to add it to the list. Since it claims on its to have had 43 million users it must be confident that this spread of locations is catering to the needs of most people. We’re not so sure.

    There’s some evidence that ZenMate might not be completely rigorous in its no-logs policy. For example, Cloudwards.net signed up for its service in Amsterdam but when we logged in from Russia and looked at our connection information on the Chrome browser extension it told us we were connected through a Spanish server from the Amsterdam IP address.

    For example it gives clear instructions on how to access and take a screenshot of your own computer’s log if support staff need the information to troubleshoot a problem with your service. We didn’t have any such problems, however.

    ZenMate has a no-logs policy and it emphasizes that it abides by the German government’s strict privacy laws. For comparison, see our in which we noted Shellfire’s claim that the German government’s control over ISPs is a gray area. Shellfire said that its no-logs policy was due to a lack of rigor in these laws.

    The icons are self-explanatory and even when they move from the bottom to the top of the interface when you click on the notifications tab, it’s not disorienting because the window is so small that you can see what’s happening easily.

    ZenMate does not offer live chat customer support and its response to email is slower than we’d like. This is not what most people probably envision when they read phrases like “premium customer support” on the ZenMate homepage. What this appears to mean is that if you pay for the Premium service you get some basic customer support.

    As you can see, ZenMate is a good bit cheaper than the competition on a month-to-month basis, though as you can read in our , there are much better multi-year subscriptions out there.


    Overall, however, we’d recommend the reader to check out before committing to ZenMate. What are your thoughts on the service? Please let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading.