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The District 5 Healthcare Coalition is a collaborative network of healthcare organizations and their respective public and private sector response partners within Indiana District 5. D5 HCC serves as a multidisciplinary, multi-agency group that assists in the coordination with local Emergency Management agencies through Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 of the National Response Framework with preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation activities by:

  • Working with the appropriate level of emergency operations providers by sharing information among participating healthcare organizations and jurisdictional authorities to promote common situational awareness.
  • Supporting the needs of healthcare organizations through collaboration of coalition partners’ various Emergency Operation Plans.
  • Meeting community needs by promoting the quality of disaster patient/victim care services and improving overall healthcare response capabilities.
  • Developing and implementing effective practices including continuity planning, education, training and evaluation as they relate to emergency preparedness.
  • Serve to strengthen and sustain the public health and medical response system by properly analyzing gaps.
  • Promoting healthcare providers’ capacity to anticipate the plan of care in the event of a medical surge.
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